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11 ways to become a best digital marketing agency

1. Understanding the basic fundamentals of marketing:-

If we want to plan a good marketing strategy or learn startup marketing, we cannot ignore the basic fundamentals of marketing. In this, we have to study the consumer behavior,  The thought process of any consumer leads them to buy any product which will help us to make our strong marketing strategy. We all know  that  the consumers always try different shops or different places for any particular product and gains awareness about the product which leads the consumer to choose right product by comparing  between different brands or different sellers of same product , then the consumer purchases the product. These are the levels or journey of any consumer decision.

2.  Paid advertising and pay per click advertising:-

We have multiple platforms of online advertisement such as Google ads, Facebook ads, bulk email, bulk SMS campaigns etc. To approach the proper paid marketing phenomenon we need to learn how to use PPC marketing platforms like Google ads, Facebook ads etc. We have to understand properly how, when, where to advertise our product by using pay per click platforms. In this many factors works like the age group of peoples , demography , gender, area of their interest, groups which they likes and the proper set of time when the consumers uses the social media platforms or spends their time on internet.

If we filter our consumers  according to their behavior we will definitely get good results and the actual consumers of our product .PPC Marketing or advertising takes a lot of research on consumer behavior and the keywords which the consumers inputs on search engines like Googleyahoo and  Bing etc. we have to make a list of those keywords which have very high search volume and low competition with low bid range to setup a PPC campaign on Google ads to get more sales and  make our campaign cost effective .

We also have to understand the Remarketing . We all have noticed the banner ads on the web pages and on the other websites of the same product which we have already searched for, it happen through to remarketing. You have  many paid marketing platforms and networks which you need to understand and master on them , so that you are able to spend your money in a right way and in most efficient manner, you can also hire PPC marketing agency or top digitalmarketing agency.

3.  Organic marketing or search engine optimization :-

This is freeway marketing it only costs your time,  marketing planning process and good marketing strategies. Search engine optimization, social media optimization, content writing, blog posting etc. drives the free traffic to your website.

You need to understand the basics SEO fundamentals, a good and informational content delivers great user experience and learn how to use social media to engage the user in  your posts with eye catching images, content and great offers . These skills are required to become an expert digital marketing planner.

You have to learn SEO which have two steps one is on-page optimization second is off-page optimization.

On-page optimization includes web page loading speed which must be less than 3 to 4 seconds. Properly designed website with optimized content , proper  use  of H1 , H2 , H3 headings tags , images must be optimized with good quality ,low in size , image alt text and image title. Use sitemap and page schema on website. Proper use of page title in every webpage which is limited to 60 characters and proper description which is limited to 160 characters. Pages URL also must be optimized by using permalinks and use of SSL certificates on your website to make it secure.

Off page optimization includes several exercise which  is done outside of the website such as directory submission, search engine submission, Social bookmarking , business listing, profile link creation, article submission, classified ads posting, URL submission, question and answers, social sharing and image sharing etc.

4. Understanding the platform strategy and marketing analysis :-

You need to meet the cost of advertising with the returns of investments. There are some advertising platforms  which are really expensive but give no results at all and there are some platforms which are expensive but give you more results. Similarly,  there are some platforms which are not more expensive but give you medium results. You have to find which platforms are less expensive and gives more leads and sales,

5. Communication with the user :-

You cannot compel any consumer to buy your product. Ultimately it's his or her choice to buy it or not. But you can convince them by your good communication.

let's take an example of Marketing strategy for e-commerce startups and business Just suppose you are marketing for a sports shoes company and selling shoes online on your website .if you want to build a trust among the consumers and want good sales, you have to give them extra knowledge like you can write a blog on health, fitness and benefits of keeping yourself healthy .Try to make good content on health and fitness and recommend them a good pair of jogging shoes in between the content. So that the peoples will consider your shoes brand and also buys the product.

6. Data driven marketing :-

You need to find the right source of data which can be found from Google analytics, CRM and your sales team , you need the right data and the right kind of audience with perfect demography and age group according to the product you want to sell and you need to filter the data according to your business need.

7. Technical skills you need to learn to become a good digital marketing expert:-

You need to learn some basic technical skills so that you can deal with some technical hurdles like landing page design or  graphics design this will make you independent and you will be able to work by your own in the perfect manner you want. Some basic skills you can learn are Wordpress , HTML , CSS for website development and Photoshop or illustrator for designing . If you find these skills difficult to learn or you dont have much time to learn these, then you can  hire an expert website designer and developer on freelancer or upwork.

8. Knowledge of the marketing area and the particular product:-

You must have complete knowledge about the product you want to sell. Like, you must know about the product features , benefits and product specialty so that you can make a good content about the product to attract users and you will be able to run a successful ad campaign after having the complete knowledge of the product.

9. Project management skills:-

You alone cannot do everything but you alone can manage to do everything. This is an important skill which you should have , you have to manage your team with their particular skill sets, and you should know how to use your time to get the work done in the given time. You have to set the priority with time-frame to get the output full creamy.

10. Curiosity to do experiments:-

The curiosity to do experiments will leads you to gain more and more knowledge about digital marketing because digital marketing is dynamic field to research on it . You need to keep on learning and update yourself every time.

11. Consistency leads to perfection :-

We all know it is not easy to setup a new business marketing strategy in first attempt,  online marketing strategy has become very competitive, but it is not hard , it only takes time in an organic way. You have to be consistent to achieve the right way of marketing of your product and find the right and less expensive platform to advertise.

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Digital marketing services for new startups and new business

digital marketing services

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